Tales from the Farlands

by Ongaku Concept Collective

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Oooh, it’s only for today. Oh, Listen to me please, my friends, And hear my story to its end! Oooh, don’t let us fade away! Is someone listening to our prayer, as we send voices o’er the air? It’s coming from over the clouds, and riding through shifting sands. We just ask you open your ears, for these tales from the farlands. Oooh, I’ll never see your face. I’ll never get to see your smiles, between us are a thousand miles. Oooh, we never will embrace. To you our stories we impart. We live now only in your heart.
Do you have what it takes To live inside this Form of hell Thousands gather all around the graveyard of past mistakes Bear the sin of those who've come before you (Suffer more from those who've cursed you) Everyday we're mourning for the ones we've lost While we're dancing on this graveyard (Smell the oil and breathe in rust) Come to our city and then you will see This way of life is just not meant to be Come to our city and then you will see This way of life is just not meant to be Searching, living, hope to die Knowing that we have to survive When all our fates are binded by these chains Slaving in these cursed mines Surrounded by the poison mist Our minds succumb, it coils and it twists Callous slave to capitalism No notion of nativism You will die upon forsaken ground Deep in the city, they lie in wait An ancient force beckons us to our fate Lost in the darkness, they have not been seen Devils foretold of a tenebrous breed Calling us forward, lives lost in their wake Avenging the fallen driven by our hate Ashes to ashes our minds will not break This way of life is just not one we'll take


As you stand on the shore, voices call out to you from the great beyond. Their origins are from lands you will never see and peoples you will never know...but they are determined to never be forgotten. Filling the air with sound, the stories of their lives wash over you like the numerous waves in the distance. Their cries and whispers are only here for today, and then they'll disappear. Will you lend them your ear?
Listen to the tales from the Farlands: stories from countries of distant shores. Whether from magic-using, forest-dwelling androids, monks who communicate through the language of empathy, or tribes who live on floating islands, their stories have been compiled here in music form.


released December 28, 2021

All music on this album composed, produced, and/or performed by:
A-S-H, a916, BenTheDuelist, Blastehr, Cebe, D. A. Trevino, Dalton Attig, diminixed, Dylan, Esteban Mercado, Friendly, Ettik, Haraiso, Hopeless Eternity, Howard Viva, Jake Loranger, Koohsh, Kyle Downes, Lou, Martin Agledahl (Zenteca) , Mattheas Boelter, Mishikis, Odin G.S., SlyHikari, soothingMelody, Svipal, Tanako, Terry93D, VaaMPP, Yenool, and Yohan William

Credits for individual tracks can be found on their corresponding track pages.

Album mastered by Martin Agledahl (Zenteca).

Artwork created by anqi.

Project supervised by CrimsonKing, Howard Viva, Joshua Taipale, Martin Agledahl (Zenteca), and Sam O'Heron.


all rights reserved



Ongaku Concept Collective Sharpsville, Pennsylvania

The Ongaku Concept Collective is a collaboration of several composers and producers from the Ongaku Concept discord server and a celebration of the community which exists there.

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